A Revolutionary 16-week Program to Breakthrough Limitations and Turn Your Vision into a Reality.

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You Are In The Right Place If...


  1. 1. You are committed to achieving your dreams without boundaries and limitations.

  2. 2You no longer want to settle for mediocre or the status quo.

  3. 3. You keep trying to achieve a big dream but feel blocked and unable to bring it across the finish line.

  4. 4. You know you have a deeper purpose and want to express it in the world.

  5. 5. You want to experience the best life possible - in power, abundance, freedom and joy.

It's time to ELEVATE your life.

ELEVATE is a 4-month, hybrid coaching program that will quickly move you out of feeling stuck and disempowered and into a state of powerful action and purpose. 

Life is short and this program will give you the mindset and power you need to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Are you ready to breakthrough and show up as your most powerful, abundant, extraordinary self?

Here's What's Included:


ELEVATE is a 16-week, hybrid coaching program - with all the support and benefits of private coaching along with the community of a group working towards goal attainment. 

This program is built to shift your potential success into INEVITABLE success. This is not a program that will let you sit back and not show up for your dreams. It is built to GET YOU MOVING and show you once and for all that nothing is impossible.

We do this by providing you accountability and guidance with private coaching as well as immersing you within a community of people striving for MORE in life, reaching for their dreams daily.

✔ Two, private, 30-min calls with your high-performance coach every month (for duration of program).

✔ Two, 60-min, high-performance group coaching calls a month.

✔ The complete Mindset Reset 30-day program including 8 training videos and digital training content you can access on any device.

✔ The complete Master of Matter, 60-day digital program to shift you out of limitation and prepare you for massive goal achievement.

✔ Weekly exercises & techniques for powerful transformation and manifestation.

✔ Invitation to a 2-day, immersive InPower virtual retreat.

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Meet Your Instructor

Rudi Ayden Riekstins, Co-Founder of InPower University

Rudi Riekstins coaches his clients on how to become the most successful person they know, instructing and inspiring them to not just survive, but to thrive in any environment, situation, and relationship. He advocates that the only way to achieve this is by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into every aspect of daily life, especially within business. 

Rudi has spent the last twenty years coaching and building highly successful teams, shifting company cultures, and increasing productivity and dollars by connecting people to their inner purpose. Creating four startups before the age of thirty, he has a passion for both people and business. Rudi is the co-founder of InPower University and the co-founder of the spiritual lifestyle brand, Divine Awakening Space. He’s highly regarded in the coaching community for the positive personal financial impact he provides clients, curating the personalized plan coaching members to step into their full power with freedom, abundance, and joy. 


✪ Co-founder of InPower University – an educational platform for Personal Mastery and Spiritual Growth.

✪ Co-founder of Divine Awakening Space – a spiritual lifestyle brand.

✪ Assisted hundreds of individuals, business leaders and organizations to achieve high-levels of performance, abundance, and personal growth.

As Featured In...

“After more than 20 years in one career, Rudi helped me transition into an entirely new business direction. I have never encountered coaching as intense and laser focused as Rudi provides. His strategies are highly motivational, and he makes you believe that you can excel at anything. When I need inspiration to do a challenging task, I simply think of Rudi. His positivity and strength are contagious.” 

Debra Schrills - Florida, USA

“Rudi showed me that I am in charge of how I think and feel, he made me willingly walk out of my comfort zone & want to better myself in every possible way. 27 years of letting others hold me down are over, and today I step forward knowing I am in control and I deserve the future I am working toward. What an incredible and life changing experience!”

Ashley Butkiewitz - Florida USA

This training helped me Understand what I did, why and when I did certain things in order to truly understand the outcome. Rudi helped me quickly identify missed opportunities (and why). Then taught me how to change the result with new techniques, such as NLP, in order to appeal to a much larger audience and to be more effective in my strategy of new business. The results were incredible in all areas of the business as well as in my personal life by implementing a strategic plan to success and well-being. His kind and genuine approach blended with his straight-talking demeanor changed my life. 

Neil Pirie - London, England