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The InPowered Life Community

Rudi Riekstins believes that information isnโ€™t of value unless somehow put into practice - it's no longer enough to know. We need to shift into doing, being, and achieving what we most desire in our lives.

Only through taking decisive, committed action, with the right mindset and vision, can we achieve what we all came here to accomplish. That desire you have burning deep within was put on your heart for a reason, and we believe it to be your moral obligation to bring it forward and out into the world. And, it does not need to be hard, a hustle, or even a grind. IT GETS TO BE EASY.



Possibility! Unlimited possibility. Confidence. Support. Encouragement. Pocket coaching.
Tools. World-class High-performance hacks AND surprise guest speakers.
  • Two one-hour monthly video calls [All calls will be on Zoom video].
  • One (1) 30 Min 1:1 Call with Rudi
  • Hotseat coaching
  • Includes access to a Private Facebook Community
  • Surprise Guest Speakers who are some of the world's most significant and impactful changemakers to share their stories and insights to support you in achieving your highest potential.



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The InPowered Life Community is a community of accountability partners with bi-monthly live calls where we introduce transformational training, techniques, and coaching to support you in living your highest and greatest potential.

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Have you ever heard the saying that you are the total of the five people you spend your time with? Think about the people you learn from, the support you have around you, who is in your corner encouraging you, inspiring you, and can share what they have learned to lesson your time on the journey. Your Community is your future.

Statistically speaking, when you get someone to hold you accountable for a goal or a vision, you are 95% more likely to achieve it. This Community is about achieving the impossible and making it possible and inevitable!

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