To positively impact, inspire and uplift over 1 billion individuals. 

Our vision is to guide our students into living a life of Power, Abundance, Freedom & Joy. 

We believe that all humans share one common purpose - to expand our self-awareness, fulfill our unique purpose and share it with the world. 

And when you're able to connect to your inner power, you can unlock your full potential and create miraculous, extraordinary results.

The journey to become self-aware does not only require one step...one book...one course...one lecture. It's a lifetime of one learning and progress.

InPower University is a space for you to self-select curriculum that is perfect for the next step in your awakening journey.

Whether it be a course, coaching program, or one of our free resources, we trust that you were led here for a reason and we are excited to support you in stepping into your personal power and living a life of abundance, freedom, power and joy.

-Rudi & Anniston Riekstins, Co-Founders, InPower University



Available for a limited time only - watch the transformational (45-Minute) BREAKTHROUGH MASTERCLASS and learn:

  • How to take back control and get into the driver's seat of your life
  • How to identify and release the limiting beliefs and subconscious programs that are running your life
  • How to optimize your mindset to bring about more abundance, power, freedom, and joy