Anniston Blair Riekstins


Anniston Riekstins is a transformative coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and high-performing individuals. She is a master at catalyzing corporations, small businesses, and individuals from 'stuck' into inspired action that is aligned with their ultimate vision and purpose.

Anniston spent over two decades building luxury global brands, awareness [Cartier, TAG, Rolex, EFFY Jewelry to name a few] and now has a passion for helping individuals create their own ‘brand’ of life.

Anniston Riekstins is the CEO and Co-Founder of InPower University, a virtual platform educating the world how to tap into their personal power, align with their purpose and create ease, joy and success in their lives through spiritual awakening and self-mastery. Anniston is also the Co-Founder of Divine Awakening Space, a spiritual lifestyle brand.

Whether she's working with women to start and scale a purpose-driven business or individuals seeking to reach their ideal health, relationship, and professional goals - it all comes down to getting people out of their own way so they can get busy living the life they were born to live.

Her immersive, inside-out approach empowers clients to not only achieve seemingly impossible goals but also experience the feeling of living from a place of awareness, joy, fulfillment and freedom.

Anniston has been honored by Yahoo! Finance "As one of eleven Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021."

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Recently featured as one of 11 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021!


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Are you ready to launch a business as a coach, healer, or teacher? Are you struggling to attract clients and get your business off the ground? 

This program will assist you in removing blocks and increasing your capacity as a spiritual leader meant to serve and impact the world. 

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5X International Author: 'The Way of Knowingness' and 'The Calling.' 

Anniston's coaching was unique and life-changing, and it came at a time when I was in need of re-branding my business as well as restoring my day-to-day levels of joy and fulfillment. The insight she provided has allowed me to better understand how I was unknowingly sabotaging my progress and how I could better utilize my gifts, talents, and abilities to accomplish my goals in a simpler, more effortless way. 

If you feel confused and stagnant, and you’re yearning to create momentum in your life; if you sense that you have outgrown your personal or professional life; if you want to explore how you can lift your vibrational energy to attract more abundance; if you’re thinking about starting a business and wanting to create your own unique brand; or, if you already have a business and need to re-brand—this is the time to take action. If you’re ready to better understand your purpose and fuel the momentum toward a joyful future, schedule a consultation with Anniston now!


Anniston grasped where I was with my business with lightening speed. She went on to give me an easy-to-understand, practical idea to my solve my current biggest logjam within 20 minutes. She put me completely at ease with her warm, down-to-earth, totally unsalesy approach.


Anniston is uniquely gifted in matters of the soul, especially helping people realize their purpose in this life. She gave me so much insight into who I am and I feel more confident in my potential and less fearful about my decisions. Thanks to her, I now have a clear path forward and feel so hopeful about my future. She helped me shift from a victim mindset to one of empowerment. Enroll in her coaching program - you will not regret it!


Opening the door with Anniston, to finding my intrinsic purpose in this life has pushed me towards taking the first steps on the road of what I now consider the highway of my real life, and it is exhilarating. It is something that I wish every person could do for themselves. Anniston has come in to this life as a truly gifted individual. She has an endearing kindness about her that filters through the way she works, and her heightened spiritual perception gives her the authentic ability assist me in weaving the pieces of the puzzle together after which she is able to deliver honest insight into who you are as a person, and what you have come to do. It has been a truly remarkable experience.


My coaching with Anniston helped me recognize my innate talents and abilities as well as issues I still need to work on.  My time with her was uplifting, affirming, and a true gift to myself!   With the information Anniston shared, I was able to set new goals to address roadblocks to my personal and spiritual growth. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about themself on a deeper level