Ep.68 Never Let A Diagnosis Define You with Gary Ramsey

Season #2

Welcome to this week's captivating New Episode! Join Rudi as he delves into the inspiring journey of Gary Ramsey.

When Gary's near-fatal cancer struck in the summer of 2015, there were few options available to him. His entire reality was uprooted and tossed into yet another, more perplexing and mystifying one. Due to his firm resilience and ability to follow his heart, he slowly emerged from this grim situation into a world far greater than the one he had previously known.

He now stands firm in the belief that the wisdom with which we shall achieve our greatest glory here on earth lies within our own self. At heart, Gary Ramsey is an eternal student of the universe, although he has been an actor and teacher for much of his working career.

Gary has walked many different paths that have taken surprising twists and turns. He is honored to have worked and served in several different capacities throughout his lifetime. Through it all, his love and compassion for all of mankind continue to grow, as does his ability to live life artfully. In this enlightening conversation with host Rudi Riekstins, Gary reveals his key lessons and the empowering mindset that allowed him to triumph over adversity.

Prepare to be inspired and motivated as you witness firsthand how resilience and determination can shape your life. Don't miss out on this powerful episode.

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